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Survival in the Cities

Posted by DD Holmes on

What will you do when the lights go out...for days?  All housework will need to be completed before dark:  cooking, cleaning.  Unless you have a generator, candles, or other forms of light,  when night falls, there will be little movement in the home and lots of activity at night. There will be people wandering the street; how will you protect yourself and your family? Are you prepared to protect you and yours in case of a break-in?

What about water?  Even if you have water filters for drinking water, what about for washing dishes and clothes?  What about washing yourself?  You must have a plan for washing clothes and sanitizing cooking supplies, utensils, bowls, plates, and cups.  

What's on the menu everyday?  Restaurants will probably also be out of water or even closed.

Those with children and  teens will need interesting games to play and books to read.  Are you prepared for that?  How will you know their whereabouts at all times? You can't call them on their cell phones.  Then, what?

Yes, everything changes when the lights go out. Will you be ready?